Acrylic Thinner 1 Litre

Available Sizes
Formulated with a balanced blend of high-quality solvents for use with ColorSpec Primer Surfacer, Primer Filler, Base Coat Colour and Acrylic Clear Coat. Acrylic Thinner produces a great flow, gloss and blush resistance, it is also suitable for most automotive acrylic lacquers and primers.
  • Thinning Ratios
  • ColorSpec Primer Surfacer: 1-part Primer Surfacer to 1.5-parts Acrylic Thinner
  • ColorSpec Primer Filler: 2-parts Primer Filler to 1-part Acrylic Thinner
  • ColorSpec Base Coat Colour: 2-parts Base Coat to 1-part Acrylic Thinner
  • ColorSpec Acrylic Clear Coat: 1-part Acrylic Clear Coat to 1.5-parts Acrylic Thinner
  • For all other paints refer to paint manufacturer’s guidelines
  • Note: Extra thinner may be required (up to 1:1), for better laydown in hot, humid conditions and blending of colour.


01. Do I have to mix ColorSpec Primers, Base Coat Colour or Clear Coats with ColorSpec Acrylic Thinner?
ColorSpec aerosol cans have thinner and propellant already added. When using ColorSpec in bulk quantities and applied using air-operated spray equipment, mixing with ColorSpec Acrylic Thinner is essential to ensure compatibility along with proper adhesion and gloss retention.
Refer to your product for correct mixing ratios.